What Does Our Lifestyle Have to Do With Our Self Esteem or Our Potential For Healing?

What does our lifestyle have to do with our potential for healing? Or with our self esteem and our intimate relationships? Plenty. If we can’t walk across the room without experiencing chest pain, or without using oxygen or if we are a burden because we can’t bathe, dress or feed ourselves because we had a stroke, or because we are senile, it is surely going to affect our self esteem and put a damper on our intimate relationships.

What do we want for our future? We not only want to succeed and survive, we want to look good, feel good, be energetic and vital.  We want the satisfaction of high self esteem and we want the joy of life. We want to enjoy our relationships with our loved ones, including our intimate sexual relationships.  

But if we die of a heart disease or stroke or other chronic disease we will have no potential for healing. Look around you. 7 out of 10 Americans will die of prematurely of chronic disease (1). Will it be you?

The diseases that make us sick and make us suffer and make us die are epidemic, and are a direct result of our lifestyle—the stresses of our overloaded schedules, of poor diets, the wrong foods ingested on the run, or of our lack of exercise, not enough rest, our addictions, toxins in our foods, drugs, and water.

What Can We Do?

There is a lot we can do. We need to take care of ourselves. First we need some more information that will inform and hopefully motivate and empower you to go further. We need to know the what , why and how to succeed with diet and lifestyle change. We need to know the harm some processed foods are doing to our brains and our bodies… about the business and politics of food… the food industry, big farming, and government agencies that are supposed to be protecting us. We might just be outraged enough that we will refuse to be manipulated by industry and not allow our health to be sacrificed for the sake of corporation profits, or even in the interest of helping others at the expense of our own health.  More to come….

(1) From the Centers for Disease Control. http://www.cdc.gov/chronicdisease/overview/index.htm. Updated August 13,2012


Disclaimer: Information provided is general in nature and may be helpful to some people but not others, depending on their personal medical needs. It has not been evaluated by the FDA. Always consult with your personal physician before changing or undertaking a new exercise or weight loss program or following advice designed for general audiences only. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay getting care because of something you have read here.

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