Coffee and Your Health: The Good, the Bad and the Ugh

February 4, 2013

Tweet Most of us enjoy a cup or 2 of coffee a day with no problem. Does it harm? Turns out it may be good or it may be bad. First, caffeine is an addicting stimulant drug. Not everybody becomes addicted. But when you need it to wake you up and when you don’t get […]

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Exercise: Your Antiaging Tool & How It Helps

January 31, 2013

Tweet Diet and exercise together are the best investments you can make in yourself and do more to promote longevity and good health than anything medicine has to offer. Muscles: With aging there is a natural loss of muscle, often replaced with fat. It is a result of lack of exercise and fatty diet. A […]

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Living Longer, Healthier And Better: The First Step

January 28, 2013

Tweet Eubie Blake, the great pianist and composer said at age 93 “If I’d known I was going to live to be this old, I would have taken better care of myself.” I had breakfast with a prominent woman physician from New York. She was vibrant, beautiful, and had a very active, meaningful life. She […]

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Beating Breast Cancer: Can Diet Help?

January 24, 2013

Tweet I am saddened that so many women friends close to me, young and old, were diagnosed with breast cancer in the past year. It breaks my heart. It is so tough for them. Despite medical advances, breast cancer is still the #2 cause of death in the US. Cancer can create fear and a […]

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The Standard American Diet Is Hazardous To Our Health: How To Get Well Again

January 21, 2013

Tweet Most Americans eat the Standard American Diet. We really are what we eat and what we don’t eat. We have an epidemic of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Our diet can cause these diseases. But we like the convenience. We have acquired a taste for rich, fatty, sugary, salty, processed or altered, nutrient depleted […]

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My Back Always Hurts – So Why Exercise?

January 17, 2013

Tweet What’s wrong with avoiding exercise? 
Nothing for the first couple days after an injury or acute flare-up. It’s vital to take care of it. It’s important to rest an injury – and to have adequate relief of pain. If you don’t do that you might not be able to get back to your baseline. […]

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Allergies – An Alternative Approach

January 14, 2013

Tweet Allergies are a big and growing problem. If you want to understand them you have to understand something about how the immune system works. Our immune system protects us from foreign invaders such as dust, bacteria and viruses, cancer, cat dander, pollen.  When the immune system is strong, it has what it takes to […]

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I know my diet is unhealthy and I need to change. Why is it so hard?

January 10, 2013

Tweet Been there done that. I had a reasonably healthy diet, then got so busy I did not follow it. Because I wanted to practice what I preach, I went back on the healthy diet and exercise. I succeeded for awhile, and felt much better while doing it. I learned that healthy food tastes better […]

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What Does Our Lifestyle Have to Do With Our Self Esteem or Our Potential For Healing?

January 7, 2013

Tweet What does our lifestyle have to do with our potential for healing? Or with our self esteem and our intimate relationships? Plenty. If we can’t walk across the room without experiencing chest pain, or without using oxygen or if we are a burden because we can’t bathe, dress or feed ourselves because we had […]

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3 Health Myths Busted

January 3, 2013

Tweet 1. I can eat and drink what I like. I feel good. I take a pill sometimes, but I am healthy. That’s what I thought until I turned 40. It can catch up with you. An old Chinese proverb says When you are young, you cheat death, when you are older death cheats you. […]

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