About Dr Joan

Elizabeth Joan Barice received her MD from Stanford University and completed residencies in internal medicine at St. Louis University Hospitals and preventive medicine at the Palm Beach County Health Department. She has an MPH from the Harvard School of Public Health and has board certifications in internal medicine, preventive medicine, and is ASAM certified in addiction medicine. In May 2006 she received an honorary doctorate in Humanities from Northwood University for applying her unique diversity of skills to enhance the public’s health including that of the most needy of our citizens.

She spent a year in Beijing, China becoming proficient in acupuncture and oriental medicine. She is Clinical Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Public Health at NOVA Southeastern University College of Medicine and Affiliate Clinical Associate Professor of Biomedical Science at Florida Atlantic University. She served as a member of the Health and Public Policy Committee of the Florida Chapter of the American College of Physicians as an advocate for the delivery of health care to the indigent. As Medical Director of the Ambulatory Care Clinic and later as Assistant Director of the Palm Beach County Health Department she led many changes that favorably affected the medically indigent population. Specifically, she upgraded the care, improved access, focused on the dignity of each patient, added mental health services, and facilitated comprehensive medical services including specialty consultations with community physicians. Throughout her career she has provided free medical care to indigent patients, especially low-income elderly.

She served on the Executive Committee of the Palm Beach County Medical Society, the Governor’s Task Force on AIDS, and the Florida Medical Association (FMA) Committee on AIDS. The FMA honored her with their highest honor, the Certificate of Merit for her outstanding service to the public and the medical profession. She played a seminal role in the education of physicians, pharmacists, mental health counselors and the general public both in Palm Beach County as well as in the entire State of Florida.

She has been a national leader in Addiction Medicine and has served on the Area Drug Abuse Council for Palm Beach County, Drug Licensing Review Committee for the Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitation Services, the Drug Abuse Treatment Association of Palm Beach County, the Florida Medical Association’s Committees on Drug Abuse and Public Health, which she chaired. She served on the Board of Directors of the Comprehensive Alcohol Rehabilitation Program (CARP) and later as its President. She convinced CARP to combine treatment of alcoholics with that of other drug addicts, and to open treatment to HIV-infected addicts, both of which became a model for the nation. She started the Palm Beach County Medical Society’s Impaired Physicians Program and played a key role in the Physician Recovery Network for the State of Florida. This program was shared with other professional organizations, and led to the development of similar programs for nurses, pharmacists, and attorneys. She served on the Cocaine Babies Task Force in Palm Beach County and has represented the FMA as an advocate of addicted pregnant women, mothers, and babies. She was awarded the Peter Fairclough Memorial Award from CARP for outstanding contributions to the State of Florida in the drug/alcohol rehabilitation field, and in 2007 the Changing Lives Award from the Drug Abuse Treatment Association.

Dr. Barice pioneered the founding of the Florida Chapter of the American Society of Addiction Medicine, (ASAM) one of the first and largest of many state chapters, and served as its first president. She was awarded the ASAM Award for Outstanding Service for helping establish state and national societies and for untiring dedication to the goals of the society. She was a key force in achieving the Florida Medical Association’s recognition of Addiction Medicine as a specialty, which later helped achieve specialty designation by the American Medical Association, which led to education on addiction for physicians.

Dr Barice has been a critical influence in advancing the cause of persons afflicted by addiction, HIV and AIDS, as well as the elderly, women and children, and the poor. She has many other major accomplishments including in the fields of chronic pain management and complementary medicine. She has been on the forefront in advancing the acceptance of safe and effective alternative approaches to healing which can be integrated with Western medicine to improve quality of life and outcome for many patients. She serves in a number of volunteer ministries in her church, including service to low-income elderly, substance abuse ministry, and food for the poor. She was honored in December 2009 as one of Palm Beach County’s Best & Brightest Women for her tireless and selfless efforts to go above and beyond to make an exceptional difference in the community.

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