3 Health Myths Busted

1. I can eat and drink what I like. I feel good. I take a pill sometimes, but I am healthy.

That’s what I thought until I turned 40. It can catch up with you. An old Chinese proverb says When you are young, you cheat death, when you are older death cheats you. Our body is self healing, so we can get away with some unhealthy habits but there is a limit. The symptoms we tend to cover up with drugs are our body telling us something’s wrong and if we don’t change it will get worse. Sicknesses may seem to appear suddenly but they don’t happen overnight. There is no disease without a cause. All the stresses- physical emotional and spiritual make up who you are today and can influence the diseases you get.

2. My doctor keeps me healthy. I get regular checkups, passed my last one with flying colors. I take my medicines as prescribed and keep my appointments.

That kind of thinking can give you a false sense of security. My uncle died of a heart attack the same week he passed his physical with flying colors. No one can take care of your health but you. Your doctor can’t do it for you.  You can’t buy health. The doctor can advise you and give you medicines, which may give quick relief, or manage symptoms of a chronic disease. Taking medications can be like permission to keep doing what harms your health. Unless you change what caused the problem in the first place you will surely have problems again.  It’s up to you. It’s your life.     

3. Diabetes, cholesterol and heart attacks run in my family, my genes. There’s nothing I can do.

With a healthy lifestyle you do not have to ever get your genetically inherited disease. In the last 25 years we have learned a lot about what makes us sick, causes heart attacks, cancer, aging, diabetes and more. The main cause – inflammation.  What causes it? Stress is a major cause.  Stress can be helpful if it’s something that helps us get out of danger. But being stressed out all the time, not enough sleep, skipping meals, eating fast foods on the run, eating processed foods, nutritional deficiencies, exposure to toxins are all stressors.  Stress causes the release of stress hormones that cause inflammation.

Do you want to be healthy? You can do it. The solution: take charge of your health. No one else can do it for you. The benefits can be enormous. Look better, feel better, more energetic, more joy of life, a better sex life. I will share experience, facts, and the latest scientific research so you can decide for yourself what you want to do.

Disclaimer: Information provided is general in nature and may be helpful to some people but not others, depending on their personal medical needs. It has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose,treat or as medical advice. Always consult with your personal physician before undertaking any change in medication, diet or exercise including complementary treatments or following advice designed for general audiences only. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay getting care because of something you have read here.

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